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Your customer is more
than just a sales transaction.

Treat them as such and
your business will flourish.


Know thy customer

I’m passionate about helping B2B executives develop deep human connections with their customers. The deeper the connection, the more relevant you are in their world. 

Knowing your customer holistically is a powerful competitive advantage. They will provide you with a level of attention others cannot attain. They will turn to you for direction and decision validation. The result, you become an irreplaceable go-to partner. Your revenues soar.

It all starts from the moment they discover your brand and continues as they celebrate win after win with you by their side. My work is about creating a bond so strong that they couldn’t imagine running their business without you.    

To accomplish this, it all hinges on knowing thy customer beyond just the sales transaction and developing a comprehensive Customer Engagement Program. 

Specialty Services


Learn what’s on their mind.

Know what they care about most.

Understand their vision for tomorrow.

Become relevant and irreplaceable.

Your customer is more than a sales transaction.

Know thy customer. I’ll show you how.


Build a library of success stories.

Turn Sales reps into storytellers.

Establish deep cred in key industries.

Create an enthusiastic list of references.

By customers reliving wins you helped them achieve, they reconfirm your value.


Ask me about my

Storytelling Framework.


Accelerate the sales cycle.

Unlock new revenue streams.

Plant yourself deeper within accounts.

Exponentially increase account value.

Expand your network of account contacts.

You can have all this with ABM.

I'll make sure you get it.


Your brand will deeply resonate with your buyer.

Sales and buyer enablement materials will compel people to act.

Your website becomes the buyer's go-to resource.


You'll know what actions have the highest potential to 10x revenue.

Marketing's value will skyrocket.


I'll provide the fuel. 

Sounding Board Services

Not sure if Marketing is on the right path?

Perhaps you would rather walk together before we run.


No worries. That's what Sounding Board Services is for.

I act as a sounding board for the team so data-driven decisions are made regarding what marketing actions have the highest potential to help accelerate growth and deliver more wins more often. Thus, clearly positioning Marketing's value.

Sounding Board Services consists of 8 hours per month to use for ideation, strategic guidance, setting objectives, and planning for precision execution. More hours can be retained if needed. 


You can use all the hours to support the Marketing team or, if you feel generous, you can spread them around for others to use as well, such as Sales and Customer Engagement. 

Investment: $1,600 per month with a flexible month-to-month commitment.
If interested, let's connect.

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