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Why capture customer success stories?

Value for the customer:

  • They feel like a hero that saved the day.

  • They relive the excitement and sense of accomplishment, igniting interest in experiencing it again.

  • They elevate their personal brand inside and outside their company.

  • They feel appreciated and important beyond just the transaction.

Value for you:

  • You educate employees, customers, partners, and prospects on what’s possible.

  • You showcase cred in various industries, positioning you as an expert.

  • You lend proof to your capabilities through the words of your happy customer.

  • The customer revisits the feeling of trust and confidence they have in you.

When a customer can relive their positive experiences with you and your company, you drum up excitement for “what’s next” and a desire to achieve that “next win”. I can’t tell you how many times a customer’s face lights up when they get to share their story and recall the time when they delivered a win for their organization--and their career. Capturing their story is about celebrating a moment of success with them that stirs up reminders of why you’re an essential partner = PRICELESS.

Need help capturing and sharing customer success stories? I'm called the Client Whisper for good reason. Send me a note at


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