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How to get closer to your customers

When you talk to your clients beyond just the transaction, this is what can happen for you:

  • Uncover unique qualifiers that set you apart from others in a noisy market

  • Validate and identify new revenue-generating opportunities

  • Confirm alignment between what you sell and what your buyers want

  • Clarify brand messaging

  • Create an unshakable relationship that bears much fruit for years to come

How do you get this information from your clients?

Short answer, ASK them.

Long answer, put in place a client outreach program that includes things such as:

  • Add a poll question in your ongoing client outreach efforts

  • Execute an Executive-to-Executive program, aligning C-suite to C-suite contacts

  • Ask for 15 minutes on the calendar to pick their brain on a question or two

  • Send a brief (and I mean brief) survey a couple of times a year

  • Have someone other than Sales build a two-way street relationship with clients

  • Interview them for being cited in thought leadership articles or blogs

For those more ambitious, establish a Client Advisory Committee that meets throughout the year to discuss various topics that matter most. Such interaction can help to validate your market relevance while also giving back to the client by helping them validate their strategies and tactics to be more successful in their role and industry.

CAC’s offer instant access to those living in the world you are trying to sell into. Your clients become your Sherpa along the path to ensuring what you think has value truly does to buyers. Instead of you guiding your clients, they guide you. It is a great way to make a relationship stronger and more valuable for both parties. And the clients involved get to help shape your company, giving them full access to the value that you deliver.

#KnowThyCustomer beyond just the transaction and your business will flourish.

If you're interested in getting to know your customers more deeply, reach out to me. It all starts with a simple conversation.


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