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ABM should not be the only golden egg in your basket

People typically assume that Account-Based Marketing is the end-all-be-all demand generation program. This statement is half true. Yes, it’s a demand generation program. No, it’s not the only program you should be running. A fully functioning, quality lead-producing engine has many gears. Each gear is a type of demand generation program designed to drive results based on objectives and purpose. All the gears need to be working in sync with one another to allow for the best output possible and as consistently as possible. To further debunk some ABM myths, here are 10 things ABM is not.

1. The only demand generation program you should be running 2. Successful without direct involvement from Sales 3. Account Planning* 4. Mass, one-size-fits-all marketing 5. An overnight lead delivery system 6. A Marketing-only program 7. About online ads only 8. A destination 9. Free 10. Easy ABM is a complement to your overarching demand generation strategy. The promise of ABM to deliver 2-3x the average deal size and get you meetings with those farther up the decision chain is true. I’ve witnessed such returns first-hand in the ABM programs I’ve run. When you set out on the hunt for those golden opportunities using ABM, your revenue basket will be overflowing.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Account-Based Marketing can help to fill your revenue basket, reach out to me at I'm also available for speaking opportunities or helping to create a business case for ABM.

*Account Planning with Sales helps to shape an ABM program but it's not "ABM".


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