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ABM Prep: 5 things you can do right now

Micro-burst of Knowledge: 5 things you can do right now to gear up properly for your Account- Based Marketing journey:

1. Check out Terminus, HubSpot, and Demandbase. All of them have useful content to dig deeper into what ABM is and its benefits. They also have templates to help craft your ABM framework. I found Terminus to have some of the best ones.

2. Learn from those who came before you. Check out stories from those who have been there, done it. They offer a wealth of in-the-trenches knowledge you can’t get from just reading articles and eBooks. I’d like to give a shoot-out to an ABM pioneer, Gemma Davies who leads the Global Account-Based Marketing practice at ServiceNow. She’s a master at her craft.

3. Visit ABM agency sites like SPOTONVISION to glean insight into what other companies are doing with ABM and the upside they are seeing. Some agencies also have workshops and webinars on the topic. I did one with SPOTONVISION recently. If interested in seeing it, add a comment and I’ll send it to you. It’s not yet available on-demand but for you, wink, wink…

4. Shameless plug… read some other blogs I wrote on ABM. If you want a deeper dive, contact me!

5. Get excited! ABM is not only a strategic chess piece in the game of accelerating company growth, it’s a strategic move for your career. Be open to learning new ways of connecting with customers and buyers. And, don’t be afraid to experiment because your first couple of ABM programs are exactly that, an experiment.

BONUS: Think about these things and ensure they are updated before you begin your journey.

  • Are your buyer personas updated?

  • Review your Ideal Client Profile, is it still correct or has your customer changed?

  • Take a good look at your data. Is the information in your CRM good data or does it need cleansing or more detail? What does the data look like in your MAP (Marketing Automation Platform)?

  • Do you have any ideas what you want to focus on in your first ABM? Persona? Vertical? Situation?

  • Content! Are you ready to write with a high degree of personalization?

More questions may need answers before you begin. I remember when I was asked to lead ABM at my previous place of employment all the mixed emotions that flooded my brain. I spent almost 2 months learning what ABM is and isn't. Then another 1.5 months diving into the vertical our first ABM would target. The prep work can make or break your first entry into ABM. So, build prep time into your ABM schedule and set clear expectations with others on why prepping properly is critical to short- and long-term success.

Prep takes time. My best advice for you is... get started now.

Go forward and prosper my fellow ABMer!

And of course, I’m always here if you need guidance.


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