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5 fast and friendly ways to boost your relationship with a customer right now

1. Have your CEO acknowledge something about the customer in a text or video email—perhaps a project just went live, or a case study was just released featuring their success story. 2. Share a case study that you did with them on LinkedIn, tag them, then rally your employees to “like” it to show support for the customer. 3. Have a member of the account team who hasn’t yet met the new client send a “welcome to our company, looking forward to working with you” video. 4. Find an insightful piece of content that addresses their industry or situation and share it with them—noting why you thought it was worth doing so. Or, if they or their company were in the news, make note. 5. Send them a video that simply says, “Just thinking about you and thought I'd check in to make sure all is well. I’m here if you have something that you’d like to discuss…”. Better yet, check in on a happening in their life, such as the arrival of a baby, birthday, vacation, home renovation, new pet, etc. Remember, a customer is more than simply a transaction. Treat them as a human being and you'll have a friend for life. Business will then naturally follow.

Isn’t it time to give your customer relationship a boost?

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