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The 4Ps of Account-Based Marketing Success

When I look back over the last two years deep into ABM, I realize how much I've learned.

ABM isn’t a fit for all companies. The right mindset, commitment, and financial support are needed to deliver on its promises.

10 questions to ask yourself:

1. Are you willing to have an unwavering conviction to see it through even when others push back?

2. Have you educated on what ABM is (and isn’t) and set clear expectations?

3. Is there commitment at all levels of management?

4. Is Leadership on board willing to do what it takes to support early success?

5. Do you have the right internal resources and capacity?

6. Is Sales prepared to address needs on a personalized level--persona, industry, situational?

7. Do you have successes that align to target audiences/markets?

8. Is Sales 100% committed to participating?

9. Do you have the right baseline to help determine metrics?

10. Is there an adequate budget?

If you answered no or are unsure, step back and do more prep. Share these questions with others, so you’re all on the same page, day one.

ABM requires precision planning, patience, persistence, and participation across the organization. When that happens, success is right around the corner.


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