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6 reasons to build "personal folders" for your clients

When I worked in public relations, I was asked to build “personal folders” for clients. They included info about their family, where they liked to vacation, fav foods/drinks, personality, hobbies, charitable activities, etc. My job went beyond creating newsworthy content. I was in the business of knowing my clients as human beings. Look into your CRM; do you see such details about your clients? If you’re only gathering what they need for a project, you’re missing out on what they need to succeed beyond the project. You're just a supplier, not a strategic partner--and you’re leaving money on the table. When you develop a human connection, your client will: • Advocate for you = fight to keep you in the budget • Open the door to other areas of the business = account expansion • Sing your praises = referral business • Share knowledge and opinions = customer insight to help shape your business • Tell their story = creation of case studies and use cases to lend cred to your abilities • Speak on your behalf = be a reference to help you close more deals Your customer is a constant lead channel. When you holistically know your customer, your financial growth is accelerated. And you may even make a friend along the way.

Let’s build stronger, more meaningful connections with your customers. I’ll show you how. Let’s talk…


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