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Debunking annoying myths about MQLs

Let’s debunk some annoying myths about Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

MQLs are not…

  • A download of one piece of content

  • An SQL

  • Always an interested buyer

  • An ideal opportunity to pursue

  • All the same

  • Something that should be handled by Field Sales

The last one is a deep discussion on its own with LOTS of opinions—does an MQL go right to a FS/AE or should it go to an SDR/BDR for first stage qualification. Feel free to weigh in by commenting below.

Point is, MQLs are not created equal nor should be treated as such.

And, definition of what makes for a qualified MQL via a mutual agreement between Marketing and Sales is critical.

Finally, how you handle (aka, follow up on) MQLs is also not a one-size-fits-all. Knowing what kind of MQL you have (what the buyer did to show intent) and where it came from is the beginning path to determining how to handle it.

Oh, and please. PLEASE, don’t go for the sales jugular when you follow up. Be a concierge to your buyer. Ask them what they need to help them along their decision journey before you assume you know. It’s called… asking the right questions and showing interest in your buyer's needs first, before your own.

If you have questions about your MQL strategies, reach out to me. A review of your demand generation program could reveal some quick and easy fixes to drive more quality MQLs.


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