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A story about a rep who went off on a wild goose chase...

“Woohoo! I just got 100 leads from Marketing,” says Jim, the sales rep.

17 business hours later…

“UGH, I just burned two days going through 100 leads. They didn’t seem interested at all! What a waste of time.”

Jim's disappointment is more common than you would think. Even in our world of “modern marketing”.

On the surface, a bunch of leads are great. But, if they're low-quality leads, reps are burning precious time on sifting through them. That time takes them away from working on better opportunities that have a higher and faster probability of delivering revenue.

Ponder this example:

A rep follows up on 100 low quality leads in a month, spending 10 minutes per lead on initial follow up. That equates to ~17 hours/month time spent.

Now multiple that by how many reps you have. Ouch!

Marketing must deliver the highest quality leads possible. By working with Sales and defining what is a quality lead will help, among other actions.

But Marketing can’t get lazy. Downloading one piece of content or someone visiting your website doesn’t make for a quality lead.

A quality lead (MQL) needs to show trending intent (lead scoring).

We want Jim to succeed, right?

What other things could Marketing do differently to turn 100 low quality leads into a bunch of high quality opportunities?

If you would like to connect to discuss how you can ensure your reps aren't wasting value time on poor quality leads, send me a note at


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